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Doulas offer emotional and physical support during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Their primary role is to be there for you and your partner, to facilitate a more calm and comfortable birth.

Doulas can also get training and certification.

Some Doulas, called post partum doulas, are just for the period right after the birth, to help with baby care, home chores, and meals.


Chrissie Millett

I am enthusiastic about my role as a Doula and love helping women and couples through this journey.  I am confident through education, preparation, valued experience, unwavering continual support and positivity, that  your pregnancy, labor and delivery and the postpartum period can be a treasured, empowering and strengthening time of life. I believe this is what you deserve and what evey family deserves. Developing a meaningful, nonjudgmental, lasting relationship with each family I serve, is something I value. Some of my favorite specialty doula topics include creating beautiful birth settings, assisting families desiring a spiritual experience and equipping birth partners with knowledge and confidence.


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Debbie Gordon

For more than half my lifetime (since 1985), I have been working with childbearing women and families. I have always believed that women had everything they needed to birth their babies calmly, gently, safely, and well. It has been my calling and I have experienced an immeasurable amount of joy being involved in the miracle of childbirth.

How women give birth matters! It literally changes who we are and the confidence with which we parent and care for the needs of our little ones. A confident mother knows the wants and needs of her children and is able to listen to her intuitive voice and divine inspiration in providing the care and nurturing needed. My desire as a doula and professional labor support person is to help facilitate and advocate a couple's ideal birthing experience as well as guide them in working together to bring forth the babies they created in love.

(801) 913-2633

Whitney Hodson

I am a Postpartum Doula, and offer prenatal, postpartum, and overnight care.  I love making a difference in other's lives and doing something that matters.

I offer Postpartum support at $30 per hour Day, and $35 per hour/night

Reduced rates of 50 hours or more. 

My Plan and Prep Package:

  • One 90 minute prenatal planning session before delivery.

  • Three weekly postpartum daytime sessions of 5 hours each.

  • Bonus - Postpartum Date Night plan and Meal Plan. 


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