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      I believe and support birth as a natural process which, in most cases, happens spontaneously and needs no intervention, only watchful care. Because my clients know that this is their baby and their pregnancy, I teach and counsel each one throughout their pregnancies so that they have enough information to feel comfortable making decisions regarding their care and the birth of their baby.  

        I specialize in home birth, including water birth, but also have birth center options as well.  I provide complete prenatal care, including lab work and ultrasound, conducting the visits in your home. I monitor the progress of your pregnancy and the growth of your baby with close and experienced observation.  I join you in your home for the birth of your baby and stay after the delivery, making sure both mama and baby are healthy and stable. I have a large, comfortable birth tub, that you can use, if you prefer a water birth. My care also includes several post partum visits, the first of which is in your home 1 day after your birth.

  • Normal Healthy Pregnancies

  • Giving choice and decision making to parents

  • Home birth and natural childbirth

  • Nutrition and supplement counseling

  • Prenatal education

  • Breastfeeding support 

  • Medical and Alternative supportive therapies 

  • Access to midwives 24/7




The cost for my birth services is one flat fee of $3,500. This covers all necessary and customary costs, including:

  • all 12-13 of your prenatal visits

  • customary laboratory fees  

  • your birth

  • 3-4 postpartum visits for you and your baby

  • It also covers your baby's hearing and cardiac screening, and metabolic screen collection. 


If you need any additional treatments, such as IV therapy or antibiotics, or if you choose to give your baby vitamin K or eye ointment, there are additional, but reasonable costs. Rhogam for rh negative women is also extra. A statement will be provided, with proper codes, that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement, if applicable.

Birth Services Price

Serving Utah and Salt Lake Counties, and surrounding areas  


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